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About The Exhibition

DON'T MISS our next exhibition:  December 3 thru January 3, 2009 at the ARC Gallery in Chicago (www.arcgallery.org).  The opening reception is on Friday, December 5th 6:00-9:00pm.  This will be a GREAT exhibition.

Stay Tuned as we kick-off 2009 at the Western Illinois University Art Gallery, January thru February.  (www.wiu.edu/artgallery)

View the latest article about SCT in the Mar/Apr 2008 edition of Art & Society Magazine: 


The focus of this collaborative exhibition of twelve Peoria area artists is to debunk the myth surrounding the art scene in Central Illinois.  By bringing together these artists whose work may not be similar in style but alike in their experimental and edgy approach, paints an overall picture of the urban inspired art that is being created in the rural underground of Peoria.  Another major aspect of this collaboration is to join together the major art venues that have long been divided.  The artists involved are in some way associated with these venues either artistically or professionally and are dedicated to making this a successful venture.

The Artists & Medium

Heather Brammeier - Painting
William Butler - Painting & Printmaking
Jennifer Costa - Sculpture
Cheryl Dean - Photgrapher
Chad Ellison - Sculpture & Drawing
Doug Goessman - Mixed Media & Printmaking
Jacob Grant - Ceramics & Sculpture
Chris Hutson - Printmaking & Drawing
Rich Kirchgessner - Sculpture
Erin Robert - Collage & Mixed Media
John Tuccillo - Sculpture & Painting
Steph VanDoren - Painting


2008 Exhibitions

Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, IL - July
ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL - Dec

Add'l dates still being set...stay tuned!



. . . A Collaborative Exhibition of 12 Peoria Area Artists